Industrial Areas Of Gorakhpur

About Industrial Area

A city that has stood in all its cultural glory over time, Gorakhpur has a variety of industries that provide the livelihood of its residents. Its industries have been growing as well as evolving over time, and much of the city’s cultural relevance can be seen in the types of industries that define this city.There is a total of 187.35 acres of land acquired for industrial purpose in Gorakhpur. Of these, 38.35 acres of land have been developed and there are 25 units in industrial production at the present point of time.Gorakhpur has a total of 2650 registered industrial units, of which medium and large units are 10 in number. Small scale industries employ 11200 daily workers, on an average.

Industrial Aid in Gorakhpur

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has, in recent times, been looking into the industrial production of Gorakhpur as it is one of the most industrially developed districts of this state. It has been estimated that a total of Rs. 6,65,75, 000 will be required to be invested in the cottage industries of Gorakhpur, as well as its small scale industries. With much work going on to provide the needed finance and aid for industries to thrive, it is expected that in the next five year, there will be a marked increase in industrial potential in the region, as well as growth in employment.

Heavy Industry in Gorakhpur

In April 1963, the Fertilizer Corporation of India, Ltd. was set up near Nakha jungle railway station of Gorakhpur. It began production in Urea on January 1, 1969. It provides employment to thousands of people of the city and its surrounding regions. The Saraya Steel Complex which was established in 1974 deals with manufacturing steel from iron scrap from the North Eastern Railway workshop Gorakhpur. This place also provides employment for hundreds of workers.

Types of Industries in Gorakhpur

The various industries in Gorakhpur can be largely split up into the following categories for better classification:

  1. Cotton textiles
  2. Food products
  3. Beverages, Tobacco and Tobacco products
  4. Wool, silk and synthetic fibre textiles
  5. Terracotta products
  6. Jute, hemp and mesta textiles
  7. Hoisery and garments
  8. Leather products
  9. Wood products
  10. Paper products and printing
  11. Chemical and chemical products
  12. Transport equipments and parts
  13. Rubber and plastic products
  14. Metal products
  15. Mon-metallic mineral products
  16. Basic metal industries
  17. Machinery and parts, excepts electrical
  18. Electrical machinery and apparatus
  19. Repairing and servicing industries
  20. Of the above-listed industries, the following are most renowned in Gorakhpur and its surrounding regions, and offer high employment to people of the area.

Industrial Areas

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